Saturday, 20 October 2012


You know when you have that urge to right about something, but you have no clue what? Yea, well that's me at the moment.

*five minutes later and various tumblr-ing*

I know! I'll talk about my plans for this blog. This may be boring, but it's going to happen. Deal with it.

Because I am an organised freak, I have actually made a list of things I can discuss on this blog and what I want this blog to become. I want this blog to become another branch of the whatever that is me. So, yes, that entails a lot of general updates and things that you may find boring.

But I think it'll also entail fashion things and music things. I'm not going to stop at that, though. Ohhh, no. I think there will be stuff about travel (which I am about to do a lot of, so BE PREPARED *cue hyenas from Lion King*), and book vs. film reviews (I'm still a bit iffy about this, so I don't know) and just general thoughts (and maybe photographs and stuff. Things are still reeling in my mind).

This blog is going to be a branching out of myself. If you think in terms of a tree analogy, the actually physical me is the roots (I can't figure out whether I say 'is the roots' or 'are the roots' because there's only one of me but there isn't ever just one root). My branches are platforms of social media, i.e. this blog, tumblr, twitter, and youtube. I haven't thought far ahead enough to decide what the leaves are. Unless it's just like, a dead tree or something. I mean, Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons. It could work.

I'm hoping to post every two or three weeks and I think I use the tree analogy a teensy bit too often. Oh well. You'll see this face soon. Toodoloo!

And, no, I'm not doing NaNoWriMo. I'm a teensy bit busy at the moment with travel and, you know, GRADUATING

EDIT:  I take back my words. I am doing it now. Here is me

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