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Is a thing I'm doing. This'll be the second year. The first year I did this little project was in 2010, and I didn't win. I think I got to about 20,000 words then stopped? There were a plethora of reasons with the main one being that the timing was completely terrible. It fell just as I had assignments and exams due.

This year however, I am determined to win. Right now, at this moment, I've written approximately 9,250 words, and I plan on getting to maybe 12,000 today. It's going to be great fun. This year has been a lot different for me in that I've just gone about the whole project completely differently. In 2010, with it being my first year, I had no clue what I was doing; I didn't know where my story was going to go, how it would shape, how to be organised and everything like that. I had a lot of moments where I had writing blocks and just couldn't do anything.

This year has been holistically a completely different experience. I've been a lot more organised, and my knowledge of the direction the story has been taken has really, really helped. I've been doing chapter outlines and everything's working! I haven't had one moment of writing block, and it's absolutely fabulous.

The style and genre of this story is way different in general. I mean, generally the stories I think up are of a fantasy, dystopia, sci-fi vein, but this isn't. It's a fun (and a little bit ridiculous) contemporary love story. Likewise, I usually do first person. This year, I'm writing third.

So, what's my story about you ask? (You probably aren't asking, but it's my blog, so shhh).
The synopsis I created for NaNoWriMo is this:
When Adam Gormley and Dorothy "Dot" Lucas first kissed each other, they didn't think about the consequences. Primarily because they thought they would be too dead to think about it afterwards. But they aren't, and the thieving community now think that the Rogue Shadow (Adam) and the Fox (Dot) are working together to pursue the biggest robbery of the century. And to top it all, they don't know a thing about each other and are now forced to pull it all off before somebody else does. Oops.

So I don't know if that excited you at all, but it's there. And while I'm at it, why don't I just show you the excerpt I've added for NaNoWriMo (it's rather large, so you can skip it if you'd like):
" At first she’d thought her phone ringing was just her alarm; after all, they were the same tone. She’d been annoyed that it’d be another day where she’d be exhausted and not pay 100% attention to her classes. But the vintage style telephone ringing kept on going, even after she put it to sleep. It was definitely an insistent caller. 
Dot launched her hand full throttle towards the phone and groggily sat up in her bed. “Hello?” She grumbled, “Hello, Dorothy ‘Dot’ Anne Lucas, also known as Lady Fox,” someone responded (in a particularly too chipper tone for three in the morning). Dot groaned and made no qualms about him hearing it. How on earth did he find her phone number? “Well, Miss Lucas, you should really be more careful with your belongings. It doesn’t take much for someone to stalk you.” She hadn’t realised she’d spoken the question aloud. Damn him. Instead of telling him this, she just mumbled, “What?” “You left your leather gloves back at the café. I just happened to see them and save them for you. They’re of such good quality, it would be terrible to lose them.” Oh, so that’s where they had run off. Dot had just thought she’d left them at school or somewhere in the apartment. “Why are you calling me?” She asks, stifling a yawn, “What? You aren’t going to ask me how I found your number or compliment me on my efficient detective skills?” “No. It’s three in the morning, and I was asleep. I’m not going to compliment you for waking me up.” “Oh,” Adam sounded disappointed. Well boo hoo to him, Dot thought. This didn’t swerve him too much, of course, because less than a second later, he was speaking again, “Guess what? Guess what I heard earlier tonight?” “Do I really have to?” “Well, no. Not if you don’t want to. But guess, please guess,” “No,” “Oh, come on. It isn’t that hard,” “Are you drunk?” “What? No. Please just come meet me, I know a great 24/7 café.” “I’m not an idiot. I’m not going to meet someone who I barely know at three in the morning.” “Come on, please.” He was starting to plead. “Can’t you just tell me via this conversation?” “Well, yea. But that’ll ruin everything!” “I can honestly tell you that I really do not care.” “Fine then. There’s a rumour going around town about us partnering up.” Dot snorts. Her partnering up with someone? Maybe in their wildest dreams. “No, Dot, listen.” “Don’t call me Dot,” she said suddenly, “What?” He seems confused, “Don’t call me Dot. Only friends call me Dot. You are not a friend.” There was an awkward silence. Adam clearly didn’t know where to go with this. After a brief interlude of silence, he decided to power on. “But get this, right? We’re supposed to be partnering up together to-“ “You’ve already said that,” Dot interrupts. Adam continues as if he didn’t hear her,“But we’re partnering up to steal the masterpieces of the TATE Modern.” There was silence. No, wait, there was silence on Dot’s end of the phone. She could practically hear the orchestral music on his side as if she were at the theatre hearing them live. “I’m not going to do that,” she says. “Please, Dot,” Adam stops to correct himself, “Dorothy, Lady Fox, I don’t know. Can we please talk about it? Come to this café at –“ Dot interrupts him again, “No, Adam. It’s three in the morning. I have more important things in to do in a few hours,” “Like what?” “Like fricking school! Haven’t you ever heard of it?” “I’m nineteen.” Before Adam could get another word out, Dot hung up on him and huddled back into bed. She slept soundly for the rest of the night"

So, yay for that! I guess I should probably link you to my account if you wanna be writing buddies. Here it is! So, yea.

On a side-note, I have two exams left and then I'll graduate. Scaryyyy. Mixed feelings all around, people. On another side-note, who's doing NaNoWriMo? What's your story about? Are you having fun?

Words written this month: 9,242
Currently Reading: 'The Mark of Athena' & 'The Paris Wife'
p.s. Sorry about the link of correct grammar in regards to when they're speaking. Blogger did something funky and when I go to change it and put it correctly, it just freaks out.

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