Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cleaning le Room.

I just spent my whole morning cleaning my room, and singing along to the Easy Virtue soundtrack (it's a good soundtrack ok? If you want to transport to the 30's, then this album is for you). I honestly don't think I've ever seen the mother as happy as she was the moment she realised I was actually cleaning my room. Lest to say, I never clean le room.

Every now and then, I get urges to clean. So that I do. Usually, it's in the middle of the night. You think I'm kidding, but I can get my mum to vouch that I clean my room in the middle of the night. That's literally the only time I usually ever feel like cleaning. Imagine my surprise then, when my hands began to move on their own accord, and began to clean the chest of drawers, then my desk, then the rest of the room. It was quite the shock, I must say.

Anywho, I am now well into my first week of September holidays, which is really quite exciting. Thus far, I have done... Nothing. For some odd (and in hindsight, terribly stupid) reason, I decided to go into school on the last day of term. I blame the inner-nerd that wanted to find out my marks from the exams. But, it was really quite boring. I didn't do anything. I found out the school captains, which was a little exciting. It then went on to make me feel a mixture of sadness and feeling quite elderly. 

There was going to be some point in this blog, but while eating these yummy cookies, I have quite forgot what I was going to talk about.Oh well. Until next time, lovelies

CURRENTLY READING: Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder
WORDS WRITTEN THIS MONTH: 3,480 (this is quite simply a little pathetic, considering I could write that in a day, but could write less then that in the entirety of last month)
LISTEN TO: Easy Virtue Soundtrack. I'm telling you, it's magnificent. The movie isn't too bad either.
                         If you must listen to one song, I recommend this one, as well as this one, and this one.

p.s. I haven't actually looked at the links, because my laptop won't let me on YouTube, so if it isn't right, I apologise.

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  1. I only clean my room in the middle of the night to, i wonder why =P