Monday, 26 September 2011

Beauty Talk

What do you see when you look in the mirror? I was going through momentary nostalgia about five seconds ago, and decided to look at past posts of mine. There was this one post called 'I Won an Award! (?)', (I'm not going to link it, because frankly, I find my writing a little appalling, as I typically do) and one of the questions was something along the lines of 'What do you see when you look in the mirror?'. I answered that there was no obligatory or straightforward way for me to answer the question. Looking back on it, my opinion on that question hasn't really changed that much.

Why? Because there are so many different thought processes that run through my mind when I look at myself, whether it be, 'OMG, a pimple! EWWWWWWW!', or 'Wow, I really need to sleep in more often'. Admittedly, whenever I look into a mirror, my first thoughts are purely physical thoughts. It's usually something about my insecurities, a la hating my eye colour (and by that, I mean, wishing the green in my eyes would be more pronounced), wishing my hair was curlier, or something like subconsciously hoping my teeth will become magically whiter (it used to be, 'wow, I wish my teeth were straighter' when I didn't have my braces/while I had my braces on, but now that they're straight, it's the colour)Lordy, I'm such a perfectionist.

I think the biggest problem with today's media and fashion industry, and such, is that they act as if there's a particular brand of beauty. There's this quote that I always remember, which pretty much everybody's heard:
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" (it was something like that)
I can't remember who said it, or anything like that, but in so many ways, that quote speaks plain truth. Beauty is such a temperamental ideology. Everybody's idea as to what's beautiful is different. You can ask one person, and they'll be like, "To me beauty is a blue eyed blonde", or "Personality is beauty to me", or whatever. But that's just it. Everybody is different.

But because of the media* that teenagers are exposed to (particularly girls), people think they have to have big eyes, or be stick thin. And frankly, because of this, I worry a little about humanity. We strive both on being individual, but our natural instinct is to follow the crowd. This, of course, affects peoples self-esteem. What they believe is 'beautiful' will ultimately affect how people act, and what they aim to do with their lives. 

Yes, obviously everybody has problems with their appearance, I'm not one to deny that. I am someone who has issues with what I look like. It just bothers me that media can control people's opinions so easily, when frankly, anybody and everybody is beautiful. Because everybody is somebody else's brand of that (being beautiful, I mean).

But back to the point. After looking at myself for what I am, I start thinking about what people think of me. Do they like my hair? Do they think I'm nice, funny? Do they think I'm pretty? Then, being the frustrating person I am, I go on to imagine situations with people who talk about me when I'm not around.

Ok, so yes, maybe I care a little about what people think about me. I think it's pretty easy for me to say that I'm not alone, though. Is it such a bad thing to want people to like me? Especially in today's society where movies highlight bitchy behaviour, and act as if it's alright or use it as a form of comedy. People use this as an excuse, and people who never thought about their actions before are now more weary than ever. It isn't fair, really.

There wasn't any point for this blog. I just felt like I needed to get it out. There's probably going to be some video accompanying this eventually, in case I feel like I wasn't very eloquent in this blog (forever the perfectionist). Feel free to comment below on your opinion on the media, and whatnot. If this blog doesn't make any sense whatsoever, also please tell me below. I'd appreciate it (it means I can rule the YouTube and make it into a video! HUZZAH!). Ok, I'm off now.
Jocie  xoxox.

*(which I have a serious dislike for, so let's not get into journalism) 
** I think we can all say I got you with the title, right? You all thought I was gonna talk about MAKE-UP didn't you? Guys, I know little to nothing about make-up. There's no way I'll ever talk about it.

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QUOTE: "Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye" - Shakespeare's version of the 'eye of the beholder' quote.


  1. what would you like to be when you grow up? ha ha. question out of no where, i like your blogs :)i think you were right about the whole media thing.

  2. Idealistically, I would adore being a full-time author, but since the chances of that are perpetually low, I'm hoping to settle on combating the world's grammar problems as a book editor. Anything in book publishing would really be a dream job for me :)

    Yea, the media is a constant bother for me. It gets to the point where I can't watch or read any news sort of thing, because I get too worked up over it. It's pretty bad... :/