Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weekly Chats.

So, I'm so totally sick of school. I know, I know, I know you've heard this time and time again. I apologise, I really do. I just sort of... hate it, at the moment. That's saying something too, because I'm usually the kid who's always pepper and cheery in the morning. I usually love school. But, simply, right now I sort of hate it.

I just wanna laze around at home and write. I don't even care what I write, I just want to write. But, at the moment, I'm stuck on exam shutdown, prepping for two exams tomorrow (Geography and Modern History, if you're the slightest bit intrigued). I've got Tuesday off though, so hopefully I'll do something worthwhile then.

So, yea, this is just a random update. I mean, I sort of succeeded in BEDA, except I didn't necessarily blog everyday. I blogged every couple of days. But, hey, that's better than what I usually do, isn't it? So I'm think that right now, I should try and blog every week. It may not necessarily be on one particular day every week, but, I mean, it'd get me into a habit, wouldn't it?

Anywho, I should get back to analysing sources, and memorising things about urbanisation. See you guys soon!
&dftba. xox

BOOKS CURRENTLY READING: I''m in between books, and I don't know what to read. Any suggestions?


  1. Speak by laurie hals anderson is a good book! at first i didin't like how it was written but at the end i couldn't stop reading !

  2. I know right? I read it in 2008, as part of a book club. It was so good! It was so sad, as well though. Have you read anything else by Laurie Halse Anderson?

  3. no i live in switzerland and it's pretty hard to get my hands on english books bu they are definitly on my list =) did you read the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy ? it's great fv