Sunday, 14 August 2011

Packing & Inane Rambling

I'm currently "packing", and by "packing", I mean doing everything but that exact thing. Frankly, it occurred to me today, while at work, that I really didn't want to go to Biology camp. We (apparently) have really limited time to do anything for ourselves. I'm being legit. We have night lectures, every stinking night.

So here I am, at 6:10, with just over twelve hours before I am to leave for the fun time that the camp will be. We'll be counting Anemones and Sea Urchins.

See how cute it is? How can you not like it?
Thank you, Kmart. 
On a much brighter note, I got a bikini today. It's BLUE, and polka dotty, and frilly. You're all probably thinking I'm  insane buying a bikini in Winter, but it was on the checklist (for Biology camp, I mean. It actually said swimwear, as well. Not bikini. I can only imagine the horror of seeing the guys going, walking around in a bikini *involuntarily shivers*).

On another note, while at work today I discovered a new sort of thing for database searching. It practically made my day. I got so excited over it, and I think my manager thought I was going to pee my pants or something. She just kept nervous laughing.

I also met the famously enigmatic new guy, who everybody has seen except me. Until today. I think he might think I have some sort of mental problem, due to how often I talk to myself. Everybody else knows I talk to myself far too often, but he was giving me strange looks the whole time, and then mumbling something along the lines of 'Oh, you're talking to yourself again, right?' (I just nodded in reply, unless I wasn't). However that wasn't really why I was looking forward to meeting him (to show him my craziness, I mean)It was actually because he was (is) apparently really hot. Shallow of me to say, but, he totally is. Having a moment of deja vu here, have I said/typed about him before?

Ok, ok, ok, the shallowness for the day has ended. Chill. I started re-reading Wither because I was just feeling like it was a re-reading time. I'm still reading The Great Gatsby, but I'm just reading multiple books again. Then I plan on re-reading Across the Universe (partly to see if anything's changed in the real book, as opposed to the ARC, and partly because I really, really, really wanna get Glow and Across the Universe is similar to it. Plus, you know, I sorta love it.).

Sooooooooooooooo pretty.
But on the note of Glow, have you seen the UK cover? It is so gorgeous. Usually Australia gets the UK cover, and I hope that's the case this time. It's soooooo pretty. The US one is just sorta... Strange. No offense, American peeps.

If we are to talk about all the arts, I suppose I should talk about music. You know who's awesome? Noah & the Whale. They are the bestest band ever. As well as Mumford & Sons. Marina & the Diamonds too. There are more, but I'm far too lazy to link everything/ think of others.

Well, you'll have to excuse me, for now, I am furthering my procrastination and dancing around my room like an idiot. To the aforementioned music (among other musicians), not silence. That would just be really awkward. People would really think I'm insane then.


For three days, anyway.

BOOKS CURRENTLY READING: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (voluntarily, I might add)
                                                          Wither by Lauren Destefano
QOTD: "Sometimes a perfect memory can be ruined if put to words" - Imaginary Girls
(This is easily one of my favourite books, and the cover is so prettyyyyy)

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