Wednesday, 3 August 2011

BEDA: Day Three.

So, I'm sure you're all wondering how Captain America is (considering I left you on that note). It is freaking amazing. Go see it. NOW. Seriously peeps. Admittedly, the main dude (Chris Evans) reminds me quite a bit of Channing Tatum, but the whole movie is full of amazing actors who I love and have slight crushes on. I literally spent every ten seconds silently screaming because there were so many actors who I love/ have seen in other things (according to my friend, this isn't normal). 

Other than that, I've been doing school work, and catching up on Castle. IT'S BEEN A FUN NIGHT.

Now, I actually have a (sort of) point for this blog (for once). Today, all grade 11's got their very first OP estimations. Now, I'm not sure about any other Australian school, but at mine, the moment you enter grade 11 is the moment teachers start freaking out about the importance of getting good grades, etc. (which, admittedly, I agree with. *shrugs* Don't blame me, I've been under the influence of an English teacher my whole life). Today was the VERY first time we'd ever gotten anything like this. Now, of course, if you know me, than you know how neurotic I can get. That was the case today. Ultimately, in the end, I didn't really need to worry, but that's not the point.

The teacher who was giving us our OP scores (for those of you who don't know what an OP score is, I'll link it here) was telling us that heaps of students she knew had, at first, gotten really good OP scores in grade 11, and decided that there was no need to continue studying hard if they were going to end up with something really good anyway. It actually got me thinking about things.

I know heaps of people who work hard. Nay, I make sure that I surround myself around people who work hard. And whether it's because I've done this all my life, or it's just how I've evolved as a person, I've begun to really dislike people who never try. I think trying is something that makes people who they are, and gets people to places. This may be a major reason as to why I dislike Serena from Gossip Girl. I think, in my mind, people who don't bother with getting good marks aren't looking into the future and seeing how much their grades will affect them. I realise that in, say twenty years, your marks really won't define you as a person, but right now, as a high school student they affect your whole life. They decide whether or not you'll make it into your preferred uni course, they'll decide whether you'll actually be qualified to graduate. In essence, it is very important.

So because of this, because of the fact that there is a specific course I want to get into, I really hate it if people don't try. Because ultimately, if they don't try, it's going to affect not just their future, but it'll affect mine as well (that may sound self-absorbed, but it'll also affect everybody else who is working hard). 

I'm thinking this is a whole bunch of ramble, so I apologise for that. I promise, tomorrow's blog will make more sense (hopefully). Seeya tomorrow, kids.

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QOTD: "I mean, how would Edward be able to stand being around Bella when she was on her period? Seriously, if he can't keep his cool when she cuts her finger, how would he act when she's bleeding for a whole week?" - Eleni

-----Oh, and if you guys were wondering (which you probably weren't), my OP estimation was 6-9, which I'm EXTREMELY happy with (I thought I'd be in double digits).

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