Monday, 8 August 2011

Nonsense about Tumblr.

So I think I should mention that technically, I have been blogging everyday on my Tumblr. They've just mainly been photos, and quotes, and music and stuff. But, seriously peeps, I actually legit wrote a proper post tonight. I promise.Go check it out. It's about Vampire Diaries & real life. Real deep stuff, you know? *you can take that as sarcasm if you wish* I can't actually seem to get a exact link for it, but it is there. I promise.

So other than the mundane thing that is my life, I've spent my night thus far writing about Macbeth and how it's themes are relevant in contemporary society. I don't know how many words it's supposed to be, so I've just kept writing heaps. At the moment, it's at 1,238 words (which probably means a s*** load will be cut out). Then I've got to figure out how to make it into a multi-modal persuasive speech, which is always FUN. *Ok, that was sarcasm that time*. I also had a Geography prac exam today. It was actually, really quite fun. We spend the hour fourty-five colouring in and drawing graphs.

Ok, I'm off to properly finish this. Here, again is the link to my Tumblr. I feel that this will prove to you that I'm not completely useless.

BOOKS CURRENTLY READING: Supernaturally by Kierstin White
WORDS WRITTEN THIS MONTH: 0... Still. I know, I have no excuse.
QOTD: "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense" - Alice in Wonderland.

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