Tuesday, 2 August 2011

BEDA: Day Two.

So, guys. I have exciting news. I GOT INTO POTTERMORE. I couldn't stop squealing all night (you may not believe me, but my brother and mum certainly do). My username is FeatherGhost90. I sorta love it. It's freaking fabulous.

Anywho. I've already broken my challenge. Yes, I am a sad person. Now, I know what you're thinking, 'Jocie, you did not break the challenge, you're writing two days in a row. YOU HAVEN'T BROKEN THE CHALLENGE YET'. But I'm afraid some of you must have forgotten about the second (self-imposed) challenge. You know. The writing everyday thing. So, uh, yea. I got swept up in the Pottermore craze, and was obsessively refreshing my browser every ten seconds. Only my friends who were on Skype will believe me. BUT I SWEAR IT'S TRUE.

ANYWAYS. Now that the crazy excuse thing is over, I can now get onto the topic of today's post. This is fellow BEDA people. I've only got a few people, so the list is probably going to be very lackluster and anti-climatic. I apologise in advance. So, if you happen to want to follow anybody else's crazy antics for blogging everyday this August here's the list:

- Hayley G. Hoover (aka hayleyghoover from YouTube)
- Abby (who's an Internet friend and is a special kind of awesome)
- Kayley (also known as owlssayhooot on YouTube)

Furthermore, if you want to watch someones crazy antics, follow my buddy Harry, who's doing VEDA.

(I told you it'd be anti-climatic)

Now onto the second part of this blog post. Today I had Modern History, Biology and Maths B. It was quite uneventful, except for the few amusing moments and ten minute squealing matches between my friends and I about getting into Pottermore. Later tonight I'm going to see Captain America. I'm pretty excited. I haven't really heard that much about it, but I know there's a hot guy in there and he wears tight clothes. o.o. Call me vain all you want, but you know you do it too. There's not use denying it, my friends. Recently, I've become overly obsessed with Sims 3 once more. So much so that I've actually asked for an expansion pack for my birthday. I'm so excited. IT'S GOING TO BE EPIC (this is a rather awkward note to end on but I've got to go do homework, so).


BOOK/S CURRENTLY READING: Linger by Maggie Stiefvater
                                                  By Midnight by Mia James

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