Thursday, 21 July 2011

Meet Jocie, the Forgetful Blogger.

Hi all
First off, I know what you’re thinking. ‘You pathetic, useless blogger, you lie and say you’ll update more often but it’s just a lie, a LIE I tell you.’
I know, I know, I know, I know. I am very, very, very, very sorry about it. I’m starting to think it’s just pure laziness that stops me from updating. Seriously though, at the moment it isn’t. Semester two of school has just started and I’ve been given *counts on fingers* about three assessment pieces? I know that’s no excuse but I’ll admit that honestly, nothing interesting happens in my life to be worth blogging about. But how about I (attempt) to update you with this blog?

Since our last, fateful meeting, I have been busy with school, work, school and reading for work (and for pleasure, but that’s not the point). My laptop has gone through many bouts of repairs for no other reason than to spite me (because obviously it hates the fact that I named it Douglas). I have been to my first ever 80s party and I was cringing the whole time (how could people make themselves wear that stuff?).  Seriously though, my mum had more fun dressing me up than I did. It was like she was reliving the “good ‘ol days” through me.
I’ve also been told that ‘grade 12 starts now’, and been to a university to look at a course I could take (music, in case you were wondering. It was an enjoyable day, but I don’t think I could ever take the course).

OH. IMPORTANCE. PRIORITY. SIGNIFICANCE. Guys, I don’t think you’d believe this but I got my BRACES off. Yep, that’s right. These teeth are now amazingly straight and brilliant and wonderful and I love them DEARLY.

Zipping back to university and such, all my friends are currently having high school career crisis. Nobody will know what that means because I just made it up, but everybody (or, at least all of my friends) want to change out of subjects, or drop one, or change pathways and zip around and do something else because they’re all having doubts about what they want to do with their lives and if the subjects they have at the moment really reflect on them well enough for unis and whether the subjects will help them or disadvantage them. It. Is. So. Confusing.

Now that I’m re-reading this blog post, I realise how blahblahblahblah it is. That was never the aim. I promise. Now that I’ve gotten to something like a conclusion, I must tell you that I am going to try harder now. I am going to try and write a blog post every week (hopefully), or more, if I happen to have a spare amount of time, or am in a procrastination pickle. I don’t know whether you guys would be interested, but perhaps you’d like to see some excerpts from W.I.P #10 000 (I’m kidding, but not really). Well, I should probably start doing my Modern History Nazism paragraph now, so I gotta get going. Nice speaking to you guys again (even though it was mainly one-sided). Hopefully I’ll actually stick to my promise now and type again soon. Hopefully.

BOOKS CURRENTLY READING: Linger by Maggie Stiefvater
                                                          Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma
                                                         Switch by Carol Snow

p.s. I just realised that I actually have two drafts of blogs that I never finished. Oops.

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  1. It's crazy how different the schools are in Australia. It would be so weird to have to decide on what you want to do with your life in high school.