Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I am becoming Skilled in the area of Procrastination.

  As I lie here, quite comfortable on my bedroom floor, while trying to finish editing my Geography report, an almost obscure thought came to me. I can never write over 5,000 words on a writing project. Whether it's because I get bored with it (that's probably the case) or whether it's because I never get into a routine, or the idea slips from my mind, I have never, to this day, written anything over 5,000 words (other than, of course, my two attempts at NaNoWriMo, when I wrote about 14,000 words and 30,000 words). I think chances are though that it is more probably the former.
   As you know, if you've been following me for a while, I tend to dapple in different things quite often, and to I'm sure nobodies surprise, I'm beginning to attempt to write another little project. I started it perhaps 3 days ago, and I'm nearly up to 5,000 words (4,119 words to be exact) and it's making me wonder if I will surpass my expectations this time and actually finish something for once. I gave myself a goal earlier this year that I'd finish doing a first draft on one of my writing projects by the end of this year. At present, I haven't really stuck to that.
   However, now I've told a friend of this and she adores the writing project so she's making me write a chapter a week, and if I don't, then I shall be punished (I, of course, having a fear of punishment, have yet to find out what this is). It's working well, and I'm proud of myself. But you know what else? I suck at titles. I know some people are magicians and they can weave a whole story and summarise it swiftly into a title, but I am not gifted in that area. More so, I can literally spend hours brainstorming book names and only come up with one or two. I most likely won't even be happy with either of them.

ANYWHO, I have spent the last three weeks doing exams, assignments and more school work. This isn't fun in the slightest. One more week, though, and then freedom! *Excitement*

Just out of mere curiosity, would you like to see some of the new writing project? I'll just show you anyway because I have nearly honed my procrastination skill. Here it is:

And before you ask, yes it is paranormal. What did you expect? The basic jist of it is that it's about best friends that have had supernatural abilities since forever (but thought it was normal, so they never talked to anyone about it but to each other) and now someone is coming after them. They are apart of some big prophecy that says that the two girls can take that antagonistic someone down. I'm still working on what happens, the outline, etc. but tell me, what do you think? And, if you are a brilliant magician with book names, would you mind honing your skill to help me out?

Continue being lovely
&dftba. xox

BOOKS CURRENTLY READING: How to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
                            &                           City of Glass by Cassandra Clare OR Paranormalcy by Kiersten White (I'm still deciding)

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! ...also this plot sounds slightly familiar:P is it one of the ideas you tried giving me for nanowrimo?(tried = because i failed it.) Please continue it because i would totally buy it ^.^ (also feel free to go grammar nazi on me:P) Ohoh and can I name it for you? :D
    ps. You have to get this done i think i may become obsessed by it when it's finished.