Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Driving Lessons.

As I sit here, by myself, in front of the obnoxiously large computer screen, trying to make myself do music theory with news that my family and I are getting our new car today, something occurred to me. Other than the obscene amount of commas I just used then, it was actually that it's only a month until I'm allowed to get my learner's license. That's right. In a little under thirty days (Australia time), it shall be my birthday and I'll be allowed to DRIVE.

That thought scares me and belittles my witty attitude about the world frighteningly easily. I think the thing the scares me the most is the fact that there is this tiny but ginormous idea in my head that as soon as I get my (actual) license, I'll graduate from school forever. It feels like I'm growing up too fast and that in little under 18 months, my life as a high school student will be over.

I know what you're all thinking: 'Jocie, you won't stop being a student though. There's still university.'

But that doesn't really change anything, does it? You know, there was this statistic one of my friends told me last year. That only 2 in 10 friends will be your friends after you finish high school (or something like that). Now, I don't know about you, but I seriously love my friends. They're the greatest beings who ruled the world. The thought of not seeing them five days a week makes me sad and nostalgic for the days when everything was simple. When, if you both loved the same colour, then instantaneously you were best friends.

I hate the idea that once high school is gone and I've left that part of my life behind, everything will change and I'll suddenly be some sort of loner. I'll be the first to admit that I am a very, very shy person in real life. Despite my cheerful and vigorous tone in my blogs, I find it very hard to actually talk to people I don't know in real life.

ANYWHO. THAT, is not the point of this blog post.

It's about the shiny, new CAR we have. It's a Mazda 6. And it's silver. And it has new car smell. I lurveeee new car smell. It looks all new and fancy, and I'm sorta terrified I'm going to crash it. But OH WELL.


Books Currently Reading: Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma. (Despite the fact it's taking me forever to read it, I seriously love it. Blame library books)
                                       Linger by Maggie Stiefvater
                                       Revolution by Jennifer Donnely.
Words written this month: 978 (that is pathetic. No, really. In the month of May, I can write over 27,000 but I can't for June? *le sigh*)

p.s. Yes, my blog title is a Rupert Grint movie. WHAT OF IT?

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  1. Hi, I remember having the same feelings when I was your age, which really was only a couple years ago. (I'm 18 now)

    The thing about friends, well, it CAN be true. Depends on how close and what your interests in life are. If you go to the same unis and take a mutual class, then it makes things so much easier. I can tell you I've only seen a handful of my friends since high school. It gets difficult when we go to different unis/tafes and all that jazz.

    But when you get to uni, it becomes hard to not open up, at least a tiny little bit. When I was starting high school I didn't want to get involved in anything at all, didn't want to talk that much. But it's gotten better since. So you'll get there. Plus, you have two more years to worry about all of that! Think of the near future, and spend every moment cherishing the time spent with your friends.

    While most of my friends miss high school I actually don't. I love not having to wake up so early, I love the flexibility and not having to go to class all the time (hehe), huge change in atmosphere - there are ALWAYS people there at uni! STUDYING! Haha. The craziest things...

    I'm actually going for my Red Ps tomorrow (got my Ls the week I turned 16). I'm really worried I won't pass first go. I've heard the people at the place I'm going to are strict. How much was your car? I got a second-hand Ford Focus that's been repainted and fixed up with old car parts. I love it though. <33 Hehe. One day I'll pay my parents back, I have yet to spruce my car up though I've been driving it for ever. Be cautious and alert, but don't be too afraid because that can cause accidents, just as much as recklessness may.

    Btw what state do you live in? Just curious as the driving regulations change from state to state. (I'm at NSW) Sorry but not sorry for the long post haha.