Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sorta Serious Blog is Sorta Serious.

So here I am, less than a week until my first exam shutdowns for the year. It has taken me quite the smallest amount of time to figure out that I am easily the worst person in the world to ever keep anybody who is (in any sense, interested in my life) updated. Well, here's the short of it. I am an exceptionally busy young adolescent whose angst has taken over her whole life and is miserably failing all of her classes.

Ok, maybe that was a complete lie. But as I sit on my bed, at my dad's house with the sounds of make believe story telling surrounding me, typing and re-typing this post, it has occured to me that I really am dealing with this life that is full of stress in really quite a sincere manner.

Despite the fact that my ever repressing writing project is being neglected into oblivion and I am becoming increasingly nuerotic and a bit of a stresser, I am blissfully happy and I am dealing. I know that most of you readers originally followed this blog for the book reviews, but frankly, I have and probably never will be good with book reviews. Why? Because I'm one of those people who cares too much about people's feelings and that, if I happen to dislike a book, I'm too scared to post my opinion of the book just in case the one author happens to come along and become hurt by my review. There would be a never ending process of guilt that would eat at me for a considerably amount of time and would continue to do so until I gradually forgot about it, and then, when I have a moment of nostalgia, it would creep back into my mind again.

This blog has (and probably will continue to be) a blog about my life. I decided to write a few posts about books because, ultimately, that has been what I have been passionate about for the past fifteen years. The books I have read have evolved and changed with me as I  have grown and will most likely continue to do so.

I don't have an idea in my mind as to why I felt it necessary to justify myself to you, but I just thought you should know. If you were at all wondering, I'll continue to blog, but, to be honest, it'll probably not so much be about book reviews and more about what's happening in my life, or how the writing project is going (though there may be some book reviews. It just depends on what I feel like doing I suppose).
Sorry about the change in style for this blog, but I'll continue to try to keep it updated.  :)

BOOKS CURRENTLY READING: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
                                                          Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James

p.s Does anybody else agree with me that the Hunger Games movies are going to suck if they cast Jennifer Lawrence & Alex Pettyfer as the leads? Just sayin', Alex Pettyfer isn't Peeta to me in any sense whatsoever, and neither is Jennifer Lawrence.

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  1. Blogs about one's life are always good :) Looking forward to your life posts.