Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Hello all.
Once again. I'm starting to think that it may be a good idea if I just do BEDA for the rest of the month (you know, like Blog Everyday in April/August, except for the simply obvious fact that it's SEPTEMBER). I probably have just far too much time on my hands, but I need to do something.

So, today I went to a Valentino exhibition and it truly came to me at that exact exhibition how "arty" I am. I constantly go off to art galleries and festivals, I see far too many musicals, watch an extensive amount of films and listen to music consistently. I also write and two of my subjects at school are Art and Music. It didn't occur to me that not only am I a nerd, but if I were to be a specific 'brand' of nerd, I'd probably be a band geek or drama chick (is that what they call stereotypes these days?).

This pathway of thought then brought me forward to think about cliques and stereotypes at school, and how truly irritating they are. I mean, you think we would have gotten past this already, but we haven't. Maybe I'm just an old soul, but I don't see anything wrong with being labelled a nerd, dork or geek. I, in fact, would probably take it as a compliment. If you want to be popular, it's like saying 'you know what, I need to dumb myself down. I need to be as ditzy as possible. I need to be rude and cruel towards others. I need to be beautiful.'

What is beauty? Nobody would have the same meaning of beauty, just like nobody would have the same meaning of love, or sorrow. It's a personal thing. Many of you would probably just say, 'look it up in the dictionary!' but the dictionary can't define everything.

To me, beauty is the ability to be kind and carefree. To laugh your head off, not worry about other people and to be truly oneself. And yes, even though in the dictionary the meaning is "having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc" (thank you dictionary.com), it doesn't mention anything about your appearance. This basically is telling me that beauty is all about your personality.

So back to stereotypes. The girls at my school who consider themselves 'popular' are not, how you would say, the nicest people alive. Is this because they feel that they need to live up to the cliche of how those who are highly (allegedly) liked, act?

Society nowadays are creating new ways to manipulate teenagers minds to act in certain ways. Now, since I, myself, is a teenager, I see this daily. Society need to stop with the labels and judging of people, it will only cause havoc and chaos. Nothing good will come out of it. Girls nowadays are already feeling pressure to grow up faster, become more mature, be more skinny.

Is this because of society? Is it because of how teenagers are viewed, that they feel this need to assume the role of the stereotypical, moody teenager? Why is this happening now?

I think that people don't realise the effect and consequences that small things can do. Most people learn in school the 'cause and effect' method, but I don't think that they really take into account how true it is.

Stereotypes will eventually kill this society because teenagers feel the pressure of living up to something that is apparentely normal, and will not work to serve how they truly are.

Now that this mini (Who am I kidding? That was HUGE) rant is over, I hope you all have a brilliant week. This may have just been used to make you think, I'm not exactly sure, and hopefully this won't be controversial, 'cos, I mean, it's just my thoughts.
& dftba.

p.s comments would be appreciated; what is your perspective?
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