Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Lazing Around.

You know, I think I'm doing an almighty job at doing a blog post a day. Whether or not I should be proud of this is to remain unknown, though.

All I've done today is laze around. I have purely brilliant reasoning for this though, and that is that it is holidays and so I am allowed to do this. I think I'm just over being bored. I finished City of Ashes last night and I was thinking that I could write a review on it, but then I thought not to, because, I just didn't feel that I would do a good job. So now I'm reading City of Glass and am on page 149 (or Chapter 7).

I fixed up my pretty canvas thingys that I made for my room. I painted glue over them - I know, very creative ;)
The Overflowing Bookcase
And, as far as I'm aware I'm actually going to IKEA today, which means I can finally look for a new bookcase! It's about time considering how overstuffed my bookcase is right now (at present), that it is literally overflowing into piles next door to it.

I also thought today would be the perfect day for writing, but since I'm lazing around no inspiration is coming and it's really getting to me. I was considering filming my new video for next week (YouTube) but again, I just can't be bothered.

Any tips or suggestions as to how to waste my time? I think I'll just force myself into writing.

Speaking of which, of those of you who write, how many of you write whilst listening to music? Because, I mean, a lot of authors talk about their music playlists of what they listen to while writing, but when I try and do it, it just irritates me. It could be because I can't think straight and just get too distracted by the lyrics and such, but I have to write in silence.

Mind you, I've never particularly enjoyed listening to music except when I clean my room. It just makes everything go swimingly faster. I've finished this little blog of mine. Chances are you shall hear from me again today - just a WARNING.

I think that I am going to treat myself to some Vampire Diaries episodes. Quite partial to them, I am.
tootaloo.  xox

BOOK CURRENTLY READING: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.

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