Saturday, 2 August 2014

That Time When My Blog Looked Significantly Different.

As I'm sure you're able to gather, I made a few changes on the blog the other night. It all kind of happened at once. This isn't because I was procrastinating either. Oh no, I was actually doing schoolwork. Anywho, the things I changed:

a) The URL. It's a little different now. Before, I'd had it as 'jocieclaire.' It always bothered me that the URL and my blog's name were different. Now it's 'terreritafleurs.' It just makes more sense to me. There's symmetry now, and that makes my inner-perfectionist happy.

b) The general design of the blog is different. I liked it before, but now it looks fancy. There's actual social media buttons, and the pages are centred and I'm just really digging it. And I did it all. By. Myself. Pfft, who needs a degree in graphic design?

I think that's all I changed. I mean, I did a bit of an overhaul of my About Me page, but exactly zero people care about that. Maybe I should just turn this into a general update? Yep. Let's do that.

I'm well into uni now. Already, there is so much to do. I'm feeling good about it though. So far, I've been keeping on top of everything, and I am genuinely enjoying all of my classes. Yes. Even poetry.

The problem however, is that it's left me with not a whole lot of time. I've read little in the past two weeks. I've blogged little in the past two weeks. And on the whole, I just wish readings didn't take so long.

Oh. It's my birthday this month! I'm turning the big 1-9. Nothing too insane. I found it's going to be on a Monday, and on Monday's I spend nearly seven hours at uni. So, basically: It's going to be great fun.

I have to apologise for how ill-written this is. I promise the next few ones will be better.

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