Monday, 4 August 2014

Jocie's Guide to Boosting Your Self-Confidence.

I don't know about you guys, but for me there are just days when I feel very 'bleh' about myself. Don't get me wrong - I've come pretty far in my quest for self-confidence. It's just sometimes I notice my flaws more often than my talents or virtues. I'll be real with you guys: usually it's imaged related.

So, in order to feel better about myself, I have compiled a list of things. And we all now how I feel about lists. This, my friends, is a list or guide to getting that self-confidence back:

1. Matching Underwear: Ok. I might've turned you all off reading the rest of the post, but I promise that this is my strangest suggestion. There is something oddly satisfying about it. It's like a sort of magical secret. Maybe it's weird, but it works.

2. Doing Exercise: I know. You're all probably thinking, 'What happened to the laziness, Jocie? We were the laziness team. We were in this together.' Just trust me, readers, when I say this was a recent revelation. For a while, I've been of the opinion that I needed to do more exercise. I mean, I'm of a pretty average frame, but there's a difference between being slim and being healthy. I recently subscribed to Blogilates. Afterwards, I always feel like my body has actually been worked out (I can feel it), and this magical chemical called endorphins appear and make me feel refreshed.

3. Write It Out: This is a bit of a cliche, but if you're at all like me, I think you'll find this very therapeutic. It doesn't have to be a blog post or a diary entry, or even poetry. It can be whatever you want. I am generally of the 'viciously-rant-to-your-understanding-friends-or-your-begrudgingly-accepting-journal' persuasion.

4. Playlists: I have a playlist of songs that make me feel better. Maybe I should share it with you guys one time (But maybe not. I'm not saying there are former-Disney stars songs on there, but there are former-Disney stars songs on there). It ranges from feminist rampages (thank you Lily Allen and Marina & the Diamonds), to top-40 (Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding) to even some folk (I Hate by Passenger is my jam).

5. Grooming Thyself: I think this will be something different for everyone. For me personally, I feel amazing after shaving, washing my hair, and putting on nail polish. For others, it could be doing a fancy undo or taking a long, luxurious bath. The Father (as in my Dad) always calls me a cat, and perhaps that's peeking out here, but it works. I swear.

6. Watching Your Favourite Movie: When I'm not feeling it, I have a couple go-to movies I watch and it makes me feel much better. Usually it's Breakfast At Tiffany's or a BBC Adaptation (at the moment it's the 2009 version of Emma, but it changes regularly).

So, that's it. That's my list. If none of that works? Wear red lipstick. I don't know about you lovely people, but whenever I wear red lipstick, something along these lines happens:
- Pops on lipstick
- Promptly forgets I put it on
- Gets complimented while out and about
- Day is made
Plus, you'll look like a bad-ass-you-can't-fool-me woman and no one will want to mess with you.

So, there you have it. My ultimate guide to feeling better about yourself. I really enjoyed writing this. Maybe I should do a couple of others? Like, what to do if you're feeling sad? Yep. I might do that one day.

But for now, I'll stop.


Do you guys have any recommendations? Let me know down below!

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