Monday, 7 July 2014

European Adventure | Rome.

Now, we begin the final run of my Europe pictures from nearly two years ago. Let's not talk about that. I decided, given the enormity in the size of my pictures from Italy, I'd just separate them into city/ies. First stop? Rome.

I'd just like to preface this by saying that to get to Italy, the Family and I went on an overnight train. While I'd recommend this for experience sake, I would not recommend as a thing you do often. It was a little uncomfortable and more than cramped. 

Because of this, I was tired, a little cranky, and a little anxious (school results were going to be released/I was going to find out if I would be accepted into my uni course of preference. Spoiler Alert: I was).

 This is in the Vatican City. It's not the Sistine Chapel (obviously. Taking photos is a no-no there), but I want to say it was St. Peter's? Honestly, I went into so many cathedrals and chapels in Italy, I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this one. Way pretty though.
 Inside the Colosseum. It was raining pretty consistently at this point. So, like I mentioned above *cranky.*
  My distress was doubled of course, when I found out that the Lizzie McGuire Movie had lied to me. Award shows cannot actually take place in there.
 Holla at my old glasses
 The ruins! Loved it! Ancient history and stuff and it was just basically the coolest.
The Trevi Fountain during the day. The Brother hadn't come the first night, so we had to go back so he'd experience the lush. Thankfully, no lip-syncing scoundrels approached me either time.

I'm not saying that the Lizzie McGuire Movie raised my expectations of Rome, but it kind of did. I re-watched the movie recently, and was like 'I've been there! And there!' and basically it was memory lane for me. 

Except of course, there was no romance or pop-star-sensation. Instead, I got some fellow Australians and a particularly special brand of American tourist. (It was a tour-bus-sort-of-schtick).

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