Monday, 9 June 2014

Haul | Books & Dotti, 5Ever.

As the year has progressed, my mail has trickled down into a bigger and more steadier progression. I still get excited at it, because I'm a child who refuses to believe that I will be graduating in a year and a half and will have to become a real life, proper, grown up. However, some exciting treats have been popping up in my mail box recently and I thought I'd share.

It all started last week. I was minding my own business, coming down for the weekly home visit, when I notice on my desk, a surprise package from Allen & Unwin. 'What is this?' I asked myself. So, of course, I tear it open. And what befalls my eyes? An ARC of We Were Liars.
I squealed. I legitimately squealed. You'll be getting a review on this in the next month or so, so don't get your panties in a twist or anything. If I have to suggest something though, it's this: do not go into the book with expectations, and do not go into the book knowing what it's about.

Moving on. This week, I came home a day early and more packages are there. More. One from Dotti (my one and only true clothing store love) and Random House.
I'll start with Dotti. They had an online sale. Everything was $45 or under. I nearly got carried away. I didn't though. Marks for will-power?
These are the two gorgeous pieces I bought. This playsuit is so nice. It's good for any occasion (and any weather). So well-made. I'm just very happy, ok?

The blazer I'm pretty in love with too, though. I've been after one for a while and this one checks all the marks. So well-fitted. The pockets kind of aren't real (which makes me hella sad) but I just am in love. It's gr8. Very happy.

This is the ridiculously large thing I got from Random House. In case you aren't clued in (or just don't follow Random House/Penguin on Twitter), recently Random House and Penguin recently hosted their #NBBF14 (or, the National Book Blogger's Forum 2014). I didn't go, but Random House graciously hosted a giveaway. And somehow I won. I know. Colour me surprised too. What was inside the bag, you ask? Well, here, let me show you.
 I love me some stationary, so this made me very happy. Don't question me on this, just go with it.
 Some books I'm pretty keen on reading.
Look at how gorgeous that edition of Looking For Alibrandi is! I'd been eyeing it at work for the longest time, now I have it in my hot little hands.

Thank you so much Random House for hosting (what seemed like) a great day and hosting the giveaway on Twitter. Much appreciated.

Now, finally. The last book. So, I had this lecture. And in the lecture, my lecturer was like 'If you find the content of this presentation fascinating, here is book you should read.' I just so happened to find the lecture fascinating, and automatically put the book on hold at the library. Behold
The Secret Life of Pronouns. I know, it probably wasn't what you were expecting. But guys, it just sounds so fascinating. It's a blend of psychology and linguistics and it's all about how words we never thought of as important, are actually key in learning about a person. I'm just crazy excited to read this.

So, that's it. What about you guys? Have you picked up any crazy bargains recently? It is the EOFYS so I'm pretty sure there's a lot of bargains going round (clicks for you if you get that reference)

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  1. oh wow; I did looking for alibrandi in year 9 or something and it didn't have such an adorable cover then!! (I mean probably because I went to an all boys school so they wouldn't go for that cover when getting them in to be fair)