Saturday, 22 February 2014

Sitting Between Boxes

I'm currently sitting in between boxes. Tomorrow, I'm moving back to college. I don't know how I feel about it. I guess it's like with every other time school starts back up. You're happy because you can finally feel like you're doing something with your days, but you're sad because now you can't spend your days doing nothing.

Four months is a long time for a holiday. I mean, I've done heaps in it; I've travelled, gone to see The Lion King (I mean the musical, but I watched the movie tonight as well), and worked my butt off in the lead up to Christmas. But it's nice to go back to just spending my days learning.

At the same time, it means I have to pack up everything. All my clothes and books and things I might not necessarily need, but certainly want. Living at college is great, but when you've only just gotten used to living at home again, it kinda sucks.

It's such a hit and miss thing. Uni and college and living away from home are all wonderful because of some things, but they also suck because of others. It'll be good to see my friends again, but it means I won't be able to see my other friends (from home) as much. I love the room I live in at college, but at the same time I miss my room at home.

It's like this never-ending cycle of give and take. And I feel a little stupid because I know I should just be glad that I've got such a great variety of friends in all these places and that I like my classes and I like where I live.

It's just weird. I'm a neurotic, and I deal with change pretty well until I don't. Because even though I know it's difficult now, it's just how it's going to be. Eventually, I'm going to move out, and I'm not going to come back to my childhood room. I know this and it totally freaks me out.

I don't know. I'm tired and I'm nervous. That's never a good combination.

*I'm working on doing more blog posts but I might be more out of this than usual because I might not have internet for a week. YAY!

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