Saturday, 15 February 2014

My Love for Marc Jacobs Perfumes is Starting to Show

If there's got to be one good thing about Valentine's Day, it's the accompanying sales. You're all probably thinking I mean chocolate sales. This is understandable because I am a chocolate fiend, but that isn't the thing (though it is a nice side note). It's actually perfume.

I'm not sure if it's common knowledge, but here in Australia perfume is pretty pricey (and by pretty pricey, I actually mean really pricey). So, when I found out that Priceline was having a two day perfume sale, and that ALL perfume was going to be 40% off, I screamed. Then presently planned my ambush on the nearby store.

I've been a marginally huge fan of Marc Jacobs perfumes since Dot first caught my eye back in 2012. I had managed to snag an 100mL bottle of it while I was in England and have loved it ever since. Marc Jacobs is expensive though, so I've mostly spent my year coveting them from afar. Now I can successfully say I have added two more to my collection!


So, I guess I should tell you the ones I got? The two I bought were 'Daisy,' and 'Daisy Eau So Fresh.' I know, I know. It sounds like there isn't really any difference, but trust me. There is.
Now, smells/ingredients/things about the perfumes you might want to know:
(other than the fact that they're amaze balls)

Top Notes - Red Berries
Mid Notes - Jasmine
Base Notes - Driftwood

Daisy Eau So Fresh:
Top Notes - Natural Raspberry, Grapefruit and Pear
Mid Notes - Violets, Wildrose and Apple Blossom
Base Notes - Musks, Cedarwood and Plum

Top Notes - Strawberry and Violet Leaves
Mid Notes - Violet Petals and Jasmine Bouquet
Base Notes - Musk and Vanilla Infusion

I don't know if you'd actually like to know any of this, but in case it helps you *visualise*, there you go.

Generally, with these sorts of things, I end up feeling mildly guilty. Won't lie though, I ain't even feeling that right now. More than anything, I'm feeling smug. And quietly pleased with myself. I bought two Marc Jacobs perfumes for the cost of $170. That sounds like a lot, but one 100mL bottle of Daisy in Australia is $149. So there.

Sales shopping at its finest. I guess this was a bit of a haul thing, but kind of not? I don't know. I just wanted to share my happy feelings with someone, and this is the end result.


  1. I too love Dot. Just wondering if you had a little whiff of the one which looks like dot but it's a bumble bee rather than a ladybird, I think it's called honey, and if so what did you think?

    1. It is called Honey! I liked it a lot. From memory, it was quite a different scent to Dot (which was nice). I couldn't find the size I wanted though, and I thought it'd be a little excessive if I bought that one as well as the other two (also, bad for the bank account). :)