Tuesday, 11 February 2014

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Lol, let's not mention that I first started writing this blog post in early January, and stopped because I was lazy. 

It's finally 2014! Given this, I thought I should probably review 2013 as a year (and the goals I had) and what my new goals are this year. (Also, let's ignore the fact that we're nearly halfway through February). Admittedly, I didn't really make any proper 'resolutions' but I can never pass up an opportunity to make a list. Plus, you know. I do actually want to try and do these things.

I won't lie, I might've forgotten most of the 2013 goals by halfway through 2013. No need to fear though! I still somehow managed to achieve most of them. I know, I surprise myself too. But the list of last years goals include:

        1. Make more friends (both internet & irl)
        2. Spend less money
        3. Get good grades at uni
        4. Just write!
        5. Drive more/stop having a fear of driving
        6. Apply for study abroad (maybe)
        7. Read 90 books

Ok. Let's go through and check/cross these babies. Number 1: Make more friends (both internet and IRL). This was inevitable, what with starting uni and (basically) nobody from my high school going to aforementioned uni, but guess what? I DID IT. Who knew you could find so many like-minded people there, huh? Ditto for the Internet Buddies. I think. I mean, I'm pretty sure, but I'm not very good with communication, so. Yea. Soz buddies.

Number 2: Spend less money. I realised this far too late in the year, but this was not something I'd conquer. Thank you, residential college fees for your kind consideration and expensive-ness.

Number 3: Get good grades at uni. I did that. I realised, again, about halfway through the year that grades don't really matter as much at uni, but eh. The inner-Hermione is what it is, and I have done well. I have learnt just to embrace it, because learning! Schoolwork! Fun! And Number 4: Just write! I'm putting 3 and 4 together, given I'm completing a writing degree. So, yea. I did 'just write'. Not just for school, but I mean I did 'just write' for myself too. So, that's nice.

Number 5: Drive more/Stop having that fear of driving. I did about half an hour more of driving. Go me! Number 6: Apply for study abroad (maybe). I ultimately ended up deciding against doing this. Unfortunately. There were a whole lotta reasons, but it boiled down to: work, lack of money, weh. Yup. And finally, Number 7: Read 90 books. I did this. HA! I mean, I only just did it and my sanity started cracking a teensy bit, but that's getting specific and pfft, who needs specifics?

Ta da! That's how I did in 2013. Pretty good, I reckon. Ok. Now, onto 2014 goals/resolutions/fun times!

         1. Be better at balancing my school work and my social life and working
         2. Write write write!
         3. Try and be more consistent with learning language/s
         4. Be more confident - stand up for what you believe in (or slowly attempt to)
         5. Try and ensnare a boy with my wily charms (this probably won't happen, but think optimistically!)
         6. Maybe up my hours for driving?
         7. Continue to develop the blog

I think all these are manageable. Hopefully, I'll get there. And telling you guys will help, I guess? Already, I've started! This surprises no one though, given it's the middle of February. 
How about you guys? What are your goals like? Have you told people them to make sure you try and do them? (again, let's just ignore the fact that it's the middle of February and everybody has probably moved past this to next year's resolutions)

Also, soz gaiz about the bad posting. January was a busy month for me - February will be catch-up. 

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