Saturday, 31 August 2013

Studying Abroad/Travel

In the past few days, my Facebook has been a flurry with status updates announcing that they have been accepted to study abroad. It's making me a little sad. It's not secret that I love travel - it's one of my favourite things in the entire world.

So I can tell you now that when  I came to the realisation that I probably couldn't do a study abroad program, I was devastated. And all these updates are just poking me in the heart repeatedly.

As such, it's come into my head to enjoy the benefits of being a student as much as possible while I can. Basically, I've roped Best Friend Rachael into travelling abroad with me every year or every six months for a week or two.

I'm really excited. New Zealand is first on the list. We're starting to plan, and I'm getting really really REALLY excited. We've decided that we're just going to stay on the North Island for this trip, and that later on down the track, we'll do the South Island.

We've nearly got the flights sorted out, and we're starting to prep ourselves for making an itinerary. I know this probably isn't at all exciting for most of you, but I am so incredibly excited to be going out into the world again and seeing new things.

First stop? New Zealand.
Next stop? Who knows (though I'm kinda hoping it's Japan. DISNEYLAND).

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