Friday, 18 January 2013

A general consensus that I need to update this thing more.

I thought a general update on life is in order because I’m terrible at keeping up with this blog despite all the promises. I’m starting to learn that I can’t just write things on the spot and that I should probably actually timetable these posts, but eh. We’ll get there eventually, won’t we?

Me geeking out over going into
William Shakespeare's house.
You can't see it but I was jumping up and
down all over the place
I think my last post was on London – or rather, pictures of London. You’ll be seeing more highlights of my trip through Europe (eventually). That was just a starter taste.

Europe itself was amazing. The history behind every little thing astonished me and made me (a history geek) incredibly happy. I was standing in things that were made in the tenth century. Modern Australia wasn’t even around in the tenth century (as in there was an Australia but it wasn't called Australia). Not even the Dutch had found us by that point. I think the Aboriginal Australians might have. (Also, fun fact! I learnt the other day that Aboriginal Australians may be linked to India. Isn't that fascinating?)

Also, the U.K. is my spirit animal. I want to go back and live there foreverrrrr.

Not so much fun in Paris because there was a huge incident when I first got there, and it really made my love for the place not very high. It wasn’t just the Incident that made me dislike Paris – I had issues with the smoke (Omg, they smoke so much over there. High school kids were smoking in the street), with the traffic and the smell. All of it combined just didn’t really have a great impact on my friendship with the place.

I will say this though, if you ever get the chance to go to the Chateau Versailles, DO IT. The extravagance of the place is insane. The amount of REAL GOLD in the place is insane. No wonder the French people revolted.

It is a goal of mine to go to all the Disneylands/worlds though, so going back to Paris will probably happen at one point. I hope going back might change my mind.

Italy was incredible too – its weather was pretty fantastic. My favourite part of the Italy leg was probably Florence or Venice. Florence was just a lovely city that was imbued in history and pretty. Venice was incredible too, though it did have a constant smell. Fun fact of the day: Venice is actually sinking, so get there while you can! Also, Rome is amazing. And that’s not just because I got my OP score there.

And now we’re up to now. I got back home on Christmas Day and slept for most of it (I know, I’m a wild child).  From then on, I had a basic cycle of either working, eating, sleeping, or doing nothing, sleeping, eating.
I will admit to feeling like Lizzie McGuire a lot
when I was in Rome

Except recently, because I was freaking out over my uni offers. Thus, the uni offers have come, and I have been accepted into my first preference. I know, I can’t believe it too.

The thing is, subconsciously I knew I was going to get into my course (there was guaranteed entry if you got a certain OP), but I’m a neurotic worrier and so I always think that something would go wrong that would influence where I could go to uni and it would happen because how could it not?

Anywho, I’m happy to say that I got ACCEPTED! And am now a university student who will be studying writing and (hopefully) journalism. There were a few issues with my enrolling in journalism classes, so I don’t know whether that will remain but it should. Hopefully. Otherwise I’m screwed because I’ve excited myself over it.

And this is where I’m at. In less then a month, I’ll be moving away from home. In less then a month, I’ll be in a new place, surrounded by new things and new people and I’m trying to figure out how I feel about it. In some respects, I’m excited and in others, I’m actually really quite scared.

So keep posted, because things are going to happen here this year. I will actually be a proper blogger. Eventually.

Currently Reading: THE HOBBIT by J.R.R.Tolkien

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