Tuesday, 3 April 2012


So I'm freaking out. My laptop isn't working. I mean, my laptop is but the screen isn't. And I've tried connecting the laptop to the computer monitor but it still isn't working. And I'm freaking out, and I shouldn't be stressing because I'm on HOLIDAYS.

And, and, and I haven't backed up any of my work recently and I've got serious modern history stuff that has not been backed up and I feel like crying because gaiz, modern history is a big deal.

And all the while stupid Home & Away ads are playing and I want to scream at the idiocy of some people and I'm mentally breaking down. I cannot have this now. Nooooo way Jose.


Mum is making us go to computer people if it doesn't turn on the next time I try. Gaiz this so bad.


I'm not doing BEDA, bee tee dubz. Just jflsbsjakdp. Also, I'm writing this on the blogger app, so that is why you can see it.

I'm so melodramatic some times. But seriously gaiz.

Update at 4:12pm: GIAZ EVERYTHING IS OK AGAIN. MY LIFE HAS NOT ENDED. I got nice computer people to fix it. Everything is well. *backing up everything as we speak*

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