Saturday, 18 February 2012

Weird Alternate History sort of Dream.

READERS:  What is this blasphemy? A new blog only days after the other one?!
ME: Yes, dear viewers. I had an odd dream last night and I want to tell you it because every time I look over at the wardrobe, it reminds me of the dream.

p.s. If this becomes a little creative write-y, sorry. Sometimes that happens.


It's dark. Very, very dark. I realise I'm in a castle of grey. Grey stone, grey walls, grey sky. I'm walking down a halfway, with only torches illuminating it. I seem to be in a hurry. As I walk briskly, my hands pass my leg and I feel a svelte material. It's a long dress. It's burgundy and fits in just the right ways. My shoes are clacking against the grey tile. I must be quite late. I don't even stop to pause at the portraits.

Suddenly a figure turns into the hallway. I see straight away it's Nic. He's wearing a bow tie and penguin suit.
"They're here," he whispers, "You're late. Dad's getting anxious."
I nod and walk faster. Once we join up at the end of the hallway, my brother slips my elbow into his.
"They aren't too annoyed, are they?" I whisper back,
"No, but they're getting restless and that always puts Dad on edge."
       We come to the double doors. Unsurprisingly, they open without a word. The normal slight creak is still there. The creak is the magic.

I plaster a smile on my face. These guests can be quite temperamental. The doors have opened into a large, well lit room. I wouldn't have recognised it had I not been used to the sudden changes. Every single candle has been lit on the chandelier. Dad must be nervous. His face brightens as I look at him. The tense atmosphere evaporates like smell to a flame.
       "Alas, Miss Jocelyn, you've arrived!" The group leader, Marcos arose to the right of Dad. I look at him. His lips were painted against his skin, so unnatural a colour they were. 
"Sorry, I just had a mess I had to deal with." I hide my grimace behind my eyes. He never looks at my eyes, he can't tell.
"Yes, well of course."

He sits back down. I float towards father's left. I here a clearing of the throat. It's Marcos.
"So, Scott. Tell me, what's on the dinner board tonight?"
      Dad's eyes are skittering around the table.
"Raw meat for you, Marcos. As always." I tell him.
"Ah, you always know what's on our mind."

Blood. Blood is what's on his mind. It's always on his mind. I hated that he kept coming around here. Why couldn't he go back to his state or country or whatever the hell it was? I swallow, and look back up.
"One moment, Marcos, I just need to get it for you."
"Of course."
             I go to put my hand on my back, and lay it flat across the broadness. I felt so bare and vulnerable. I pressed it against my skin. A tingle went through me like a spider crawling along my spine. For a moment, nothing happened and I hesitated. Then, the food came walking towards us on platters. Marcos and his friends began tittering and clapping away.

The second the food is lain on the table, they all rip through the meat. Their incisors appear the second their lips touch it. The next thing I know, the meat is a lifeless doll. It's grey now, like everything else in the castle. 
"Why Miss Jocelyn, you haven't even touched your food!" Marcos exclaims in mock outrage,
"I'm afraid, Marcos that my speed is no match for yours." I smile wryly, hiding the bitterness behind my teeth. His smile is sweetly vicious. Never trust it.

After all the 'pleasantries' of dinner, father stalks into the library with Marcos and his cohort, while my brother and I supervise the cleaning and go to bed. The screaming and yelling is a constant silencer. As we pass the library we hear a final "You can not have her!"
There's silence. Perhaps a few mumblings. More silence.
  "Dad, is everything ok in there?" I whisper through the doors.
"Fine, Jocie. Everything's just fine," he whispers back.
    Something isn't though. I can tell.

As I sit by the vanity table brushing out my hair, I hear a knock as soft as the wind. Father enters. There's only panic holding him together.
"Jocelyn, you need to get changed now. They're coming."
      I nod. I get up as dad leaves the room. Temperamental creatures, they are. Never know when they're friendly or when they're going to declare war on you.

I'm now rushing around the room. The warmth of the fire has no effect on me. I tug on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I grab some rings, a hairbrush, just some stupid sentimental things. I rush out, feeling heat flare around me. "Dad!" I yell, "Nic!"
      Nic sees me. His dark blond hair looks like he felt a dragon's wrath. He looks confounded. 
"Children!" I hear a fierce whisper and spin around. Dad stands there, looking as old as the castle, "It's too late. They're too near. We need to get you out of here now."
I look from him to Nic and back again. How were we going to get out of here? It's then I hear the thrum. It's low at first, barely registrable to the human ear, only slightly louder to me. It slowly gets louder and louder. Dad's saying something under his breath. I can't make out what.
         Dad finally looks up. His dark brown eyes are full of sadness.
"You'll be safe here. Go to your rooms and don't come out until you've read this book."
He passes us each a book. We look at him, confused. The book's called 'Living in the Past'
"It was the only way to save you," he says.
It dawns on me what he's done. We're in a different century. My eyes widen, and my lip starts quivering. 
"I've got to go now," Dad notices the sudden change in atmosphere, "It's the only way to save you."

He kisses my forehead. He shakes me brother's hand. He leaves. Disappears. Floats away. He's gone.

Numbly, I go back to my room. I open my wardrobe. It's filled with long dresses of frills and stripes and antiquity. My God. My father time travelled. He took me back to the nineteenth century.


And that's when I woke up. Yea guys, this is what you get for me watching Vampire Diaries.

If you don't get it, basically: I live in a castle. I live in a world where vampires, wizards/witches, werewolves, fairies, etc. are known in the world. We are all segregated into states. My dad, for whatever reason, is the prime minister of the wizards/witches state. Vampires have come over for some diplomatic arguing. Vampire Marcos wants to make a personal deal, yadayadayada, but dad (being the awesome guy he is) won't allow it. Vampire declare war to try and get it. VOILA! Time Travel!

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