Sunday, 26 February 2012

Everybody is a Universe

Ang Lee once said, "Everybody is a universe."
And it's true.
We are all large pieces of matter. Matter because that's what we're made of, but also because we matter to others. The planets are things that characterise us.
Religion, hobbies, politics, favourites.

The sun or star is our soul - the thing that burns brightest. Asteroids or rings of Saturn are our relationships with others. Pieces of rock circling around something bigger - a planet.

We're universes because we're far away, yet a million times closer to each other.

Some of our planets might be toxic, deadly, but they might also be habitable and pure.

When one Milky Way is shaken up, another is bound to follow. As if in domino effect.

We feel together
We mourn when we lose a fellow universe
We laugh when one universe makes a joke

We interact and feel the non-existence when a universe is gone. We feel the absence of a fellow sun.

We triumph
We lose
We dance
We sing

Ang Lee once said "Everybody is a universe".
We all are.

This was originally going to be a video, 
but I felt more comfortable just writing it down

R.I.P Celeste. You will be missed..

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