Monday, 2 January 2012

New Years.

If there's one good thing about Australian's drinking too much, it's that you know they won't go to the shops the next day. As I sit here, singing along to Mumford & Sons, I've managed to not get too distracted and compiled a list of resolutions. While I truly believe that you don't need a new year to create and perform goals, it doesn't stop me from making lists. Because lists obviously rock. And are fun. And all that jazz.

Here are the goals:

  • Focus on education - Last year when I was over everything, I started slacking off and giving up and not studying enough. This can not happen this year. My grades are too valuable. 
  • Don't spend too much money - Now, when as I type this, my inner voice is adding 'on books' into the sentence, but I just generally mean money. After I buy a camera I've wanted for a while (Canon 550d), there will be limited to no spending. Hopefully. I need to save for the big Europe trip and for uni and all that jazz.
  • Be more social/confident - When it comes to holidays and the like, I tend to unintentionally avoid my friends at all costs. I know this makes me sound like a bit of a bitch, and I honestly don't mean to. It just, happens. Seeing as this is going to be my last ever year of high school, I want to spend as much time as possible with my friends.
  • Choose my top 3 university courses - This might be a bit of a bludger, because I already know my top two, but whatevs. It's important.
  • Put more effort into keeping contact with my international friends - If you have friends who live in a different time zone/country to you, you'll understand why I put this on the list. It is fucking hard to keep in contact with people who live halfway across the world from you. It is so, so hard.
  • JUST WRITE - Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Get an OP 1-5 - My top uni course has guaranteed entry to anyone who gets an OP 1-5. Plus, I'd be happy with that. The last cousin who graduated got an OP1, so there is considerable pressure here.
  • Get my learners license - If this is what it takes to get me to finally take the test, then lord help me (my mum told me she was going to force me to take the test this Friday coming. I'm scared, guys)

From what I actually remember about last years New Years resolutions, I think I only partially succeeded. I think one of them was to actually finish a whole journal, which I completed rather successfully. I think another one was to actually finish a WIP, which I did not do. I got about halfway, though, so that's something. I'm pretty sure there was something about upping the video quality, which I think I did do. But I can't remember. It's sort of subjective, though, isn't it?

Happy New Years everyone!

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  1. Good luck! I didn't even make any resolutions. I don't have high hopes of attaining them. But I hope you do!!!