Friday, 7 January 2011


Hello all. You're probably wondering where I've been these past weeks. It's easy to say that my Summer holidays, however much I enjoy them, have been packed to the brim with work, family bonding trips, rain and nothingness. I'm sorry, therefore, for my lack of book reviewing and just general bloginess.

The reason, if you are just so wondering, why I haven't done any book reviews thus far in the new year of 2011, is because a) I was at my dads for the past week and b) I'm actually been reading The Chronicles of Narnia (which I'm obsessed with and has therefore joined my obsession list along with: Harry Potter, anything Cassandra Clare related, London and chocolate (among a large amount of other things but I'll just leave you those).

So... It's 2011. This scares me because I just realised I'm turning 16 this year. It makes me feel old. When I told my mum this she laughed at me and said it was 8 months away. Needless to say I still feel really old. It also means that I'm starting Grade 11, which is beyond nerve-wracking, due to my perfectionist tendencies in which I feel it necessary to get all of my assignments brilliant. So, NO PRESSURE.

Also, last night (as it was late night shopping) I did perhaps buy two book. But I have good reasoning, seriously. In total, the two books together cost $11, and with my discount, it was only about $7.50. The books I bought were 'Evernight' by Claudia Gray, which was $5 (I'm hoping to take this as a good thing) and Alpha Beta by John Man which nobody except myself seems the slightest bit interested in. It's about how the Western alphabet was formed. It's history (and perhaps a little bit of linguistics?) if you want generalism.

So, new years, yes? I'm sure all you beloved readers out there have created new New Years Resolutions and begun your quest. Have I? No. Why? Because I find the idea of starting a new year meaning you can actually do something and keep it that way a little bit pathetic. I don't mean to offend! It's just. Well. I feel that if people think that they are capable of doing something, they should do and shouldn't need a deadline to 'complete'. Maybe I'm just being slightly cynical, but I've never met anybody who has kept their New Years Resolution. The ones I had last year were to eat healthier (that didn't happen when the endless supply of chocolate approached the house), get straight A's on my report card (I got 4 A's & 2 B's in my last one) and there was something else but I can't remember it. *Shrugs* Oh well.

Also, I think you should see The King's Speech. It's brilliant.
Ta-ta for now, my dear lovelies.
&dftba. xox

BOOK CURRENTLY READING: Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis.
p.s. Does anybody else find the religious propaganda a little annoying in the Chronicles of Narnia series?
p.s.s. I had another idea for a book and am thinking I may begin planning it but am not too sure. My other book isn't getting anywhere, so I think it may just help me a little. It may be a little confronting though, so I'm not particularly sure.

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