Monday, 8 November 2010

Spells by Aprilynne Pike.

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I felt it was high time that I wrote another review and so I chose to do it on the Wings sequel, Spells. I'll admit that my memory wasn't very fresh of what had happened in Wings, due to the fact that I had read it over a year ago, but I was still curious. I found Wings silently lovely, and it was a good light read. Not something that I'd get attached to (like Harry Potter, or The Mortal Instruments, or anything like that), but a nice light read to enjoy on a Summer's day. I was hoping that Spells would do the same.

This, unfortunately is not the case. Frankly, I found it really quite boring when Laurel (whom I have serious issues with, and will probably rant about later) was in Avalon for the Summer. I understand that the premise was probably needed so that the reader's could better understand what would happen later in the story, but I feel that Ms Pike dragged it out for a bit too long. Then, when it finally did start getting interesting (just after the middle of the book), I began to get really frustrated with the characters, and in particular, the main female protagonist, Laurel.

I felt Laurel was ok in Wings, and she didn't really concern me as the sort of girl who would annoy me, but in Spells all that unraveled. Laurel just became far too Bella-esqe for my taste, and you probably don't know this, but I have an aversion to anything Twilight because I find it absolutely horrible. Laurel toying with both of the boy's feelings, and the whole 'two-worlds' drama was far too copycat in my opinion.

The writing wasn't the best either. I just didn't enjoy it and it frustrated me to no end. The overall summary to Spells is that it is a version of Twilight, but with faeries. I'm not expecting myself to read the next book in the series, coming out next year, Illusions at all.

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