Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Cheshire Cat Smile.

Today I discovered that I write better when it's raining. Which is yet another reason as to why I need to move to England. I also finished watching 'Easy Virtue', watched 'The Blind Side', and tonight, I plan on watching The Picture of Dorian Gray (with Ben Barnes in it, *having a cheesy maniac smile on face*).

I wrote about six or seven pages today. I wrote for about an hour. That's really good for me. My will power is prevailing! YAY! The storyline is really developing and that's extra good, because I started feeling like it was a little boring. This has been my strategy so far: intriguing, slightly mysterious, boring, more boring, ACTION PACKED! (I haven't in fact written the ACTION PACKED part yet, but that's the next part I'm going to do, which is tomorrow's work). It's pretty intense.

I also got my fringe cut today. It feels nice to have a short fringe again  :)
I read a bit whilst I was at the hairdressers.

I practiced piano as well. I didn't have a huge day today. It was mainly just lounging around, doing nothing. I was also secretly waiting, for, generally the whole day, for the rain to start. It finally did, and my smile was like the Cheshire Cat's - not kidding.

I had two cups of tea today. It was a tad bit weird, because now I'm really alert which means getting to sleep won't be easy tonight.
So this blog post is a bit smaller than my usual ones, but oh well,
have a lovely day, loverlies
&dftba. xox

BOOK CURRENTLY (RE-)READING: A Great & Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

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