Friday, 2 January 2015

BEDJ #2 | 2015 Goals.

It's that time of year. Yes, my friends. I'm publicly announcing my resolutions because of some inane notion that this will somehow make myself achieve these things. Let's get going!

1. Write A Novel
This is my last year of university. Yes. Really. I'm not coping with this revelation very well, but I digress. I study writing at uni. In order to make myself feel like I've actually put my money to good use, I'd like to finish writing a novel by the end of it. Then, at least in my mind, if I can't get a job, I will have achieved something. Two of my other uni friends have made this pact with me. It's going to happen.

2. Do More Driving (maybe even get my license?)
So, it's gotten to the point where I've had to renew my learner's license. This is actually ridiculous. Enough is enough. I need to get my proper license ASAP. I still don't necessarily want it or need it, but the fact that I'm still on my learner's just annoys me. So, there.

3. Read 60-70 Books
Last year, I challenged myself to read 50 books. I thought this was a good number. Basically, I knew I could easily do it, so I could spend my time on schoolwork. But it was too easy. So, now I'm challenging myself a little more. Still don't know how many books exactly I'm going for, but it's somewhere in the sixty-seventy range.

4. Confidence
It's a thing I'm still going to work on. I'm getting there, but unsurprisingly, it's slow progress.

5. Continue to Develop Blog/Be More Efficient
Procrastination is a thing I need to conquer. In the beginning of the year, I typically do quite well, but by the end of it, my care levels go below zero. We're going to change that.


How about you guys? What are some of your New Years Resolutions?


  1. Love the goals, good luck with them! (Wow, studying writing? Yes PLEASE write a novel!)

    1. Thank you! Good luck to your goals too! (If you have any?) And I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I'm nearly 10,000 words into the writing of it. Fingers crossed I'll actually finish it. :)