Thursday, 1 January 2015

BEDJ #1 | Introduction + 2014.

Welcome to my very first 2015 blogpost. How's everyone? Not feeling too different yet, I suppose? Along with this being the first blogpost of 2015, this is also my first blog post for my self-initiated challenge of blogging everyday this month.

Is it going to work? Hopefully. I have something planned for everyday, so fingers crossed, I will be able to streamline straight ahead. Expect a range of posts. This is going to be anything from music-related things, to book-related things, to fashion-related things (yep. that's a thing I'm going to attempt).

What I'm hoping to achieve out of this exercise is some sort of structure to both my blog and YouTube channel. Also, my ability to organise myself. Ok. Now: a big list of thank-you's to some special friends who helped my year be as fantastic as it was.

Thank you to Rachael for being my buddy of all buddies. I don't know why you still cope with me, even after nearly thirteen years of best friend-hood. Going to New Zealand was an experience I'll never forget, and you take all my theories and naivety with great amusement. Thank you for that. Onto our thirteenth year! Next stop: Japan.

Thank you to Georgia. You are stunning in your ability to be there for me. Whether it be because of an ending of a TV show or because I'm stranded or even because I'm upset over a little thing, you are there for me. You forever support me and you are wonderful. Sunshine radiates out of you. This year will be amazing. The drought of our perpetual singlehood will come to an end this year! I can feel it in my bones!

Thanks to Mel for being you. You are the co-conspirator in my neuroticisms, and the continual support despite that is A+. I'm sorry for getting you hooked on shows. But not really. Thank you for dealing with my incapability in communicating properly sometimes. I promise it's a thing I'm working on. You are wonderful, and uni wouldn't be the same without you.

Big thank you's to Dalina. Your willingness to deal with my midnight freakouts over whether I'm actually a semi-decent writer is outstanding. How you respond with amusement over frustration every single time is so totally beyond my comprehension. I don't actually know what I'd do without you.

Final quick thank you to Kristyanna for just being fabulous. I can trust you to make me laugh till I cry. How am I supposed to get through my last year of uni without you?

There are so many other people who I could thank, but this blog post would be utterly boring to everybody who doesn't know me. So, I'll stop now. Here's to a wonderful 2015, and a wonderful BEDJ.


  1. Congratulations on starting your new blog Jocie! I'm keen to hear how it goes and I hope you have a wonderful new year!

    1. Thank you Jeann! I hope your new year has been fantastic too! :)