Sunday, 2 November 2014

European Adventure | Lake Maggiore & Milan.

 Onto the next stop in the (now 2 years old) European Adventure. This is Lake Maggiore. It's pretty neat. Half of it is technically a part of Italy, and the other half is technically a part of Switzerland. 
 A little square near the Lake. I just really loved the look of it. It was so quiet and wonderful.
 We are now in Milan! Another big cathedral. Unfortunately, the name escapes me right now. What I do remember is a lot of people standing around it selling bags of crumbs to feed the pigeons. There was a lot of pigeons. Also, there was a McDonald's opposite it. The gifts you learn when your brother doesn't aspire to be worldly and learn about other cultures.
 The aftermath of the terrible fall I had in Edinburgh. It was about a week old by this point? I still couldn't walk huge distances, I don't think. Lesson of the story: Don't jump around when it's been raining and hailing and snowing, kids. You'll fall and hurt yourself. I'm looking at you, fellow Australians.
On the way to our next city, we got to stop in at an Italian monastery. It was gorgeous. Just wow.


Guess what guys? We're actually getting closer to the end of this. Only three stops left before we end the never-ending photo album. What sort of miracle is this?

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