Saturday, 19 July 2014

New Room!

It is finally here! I really wanted to get this blog up before I left for uni. And here we are! I did it! 

I'd just like to preface this blog by saying that my room changed quite dramatically. So, you know. Be prepared for that. For those of you who are not long time readers, I'll give you a few before shots.
Yep. That's a pretty vibrant pink and sunshine yellow right there. I really liked it at the time. I thought it was *cool* and *different* and *edgy.*

Just for contexts sake, I feel you guys should know that I'd had this room since returning from Canada. That's about five years. So, I've had it (and loved it) for a long while. But unlike The Brother, I actually kind of embrace change. So, that's why we're here.

Introducing: NEW ROOM.
 Like I mentioned above it's very different. But different is really what I wanted. I didn't realise this until I'd actually taken it down, but the loft bed used up a lot of light. While it was practical, it didn't help make my room look bigger than it was. 

And while I loved the pink and yellow, it did actually close the space in more than I realised. 
 I adore the green. Like, fully adore it. It's so calming and not overwhelming, and it's just so lush. It pushed the exact mood I wanted for the room. Fresh. Clean. Lovely.
Yes, I went a little cliche with the fairy lights. Surprisingly, these babies carry a lot of light. They're really good for reading in bed. 

Speaking of which (sorry, I've got to have a moment to talk about this), you see this bed here? It is a 1940's day bed. 1940's! Be-still my inner-history-buff heart! It's just wonderful. Plus, you know, it's nice to be sleeping on ground level again. There's only so much up-air sleeping you can take in your life. 
Yes, you did see correctly. That is a new bookcase. I'm so happy I finally found one that could work with the smallness of the room. It holds all of my other books. And DVD's. I'm pretty psyched. 

Who knew that Gumtree held so many treasures?

So, that's my room. For the most part, I'm happy. There's still a few tid-bits here and there I need to fix up (read: edges of walls and chest of drawers needs fixing up). I hope you guys like it as much as I do.


  1. ooo the bed on the ground must be a nice change, that mattress on the desk/bed combo seemed awfully thin. and YES gumtree is a godsend that non-australians would not know about

  2. Oooh the new room is very pretty!

  3. Wow ! I love love love this, the colours are gorgeous and your bed looks so comfy *-*