Thursday, 10 April 2014

Things I'm Digging | March 2014.

March has ended! It's that time of month again! Favouritesssssss.

TV: My Mad Fat Diary

Best Friend Georgia told me I needed to watch it. So I did. I watched the first season. In two days. This sounds so much more impressive when you don't know that there's only six episodes in the first season. Anyway!

British TV at its finest. Really, really good series. It's got a good amount of funny, and a good amount of drama, and it incorporates some really well-developed elements and looks at things that need to be looked at.

I've been saying it's in a similar vein to Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging (Don't lie. You've seen the movie. I know you have), but so much better. And a bit more mature (in terms of themes). So, little kids, do not watch. I thoroughly, thoroughly recommend it.

And Finn. Can I have a Finn? I want a Finn.

MOVIE: Camp Takota

It's that movie that Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart did, remember? I watched this last weekend and it was great. I wasn't in the best place mentally (hello, stress!) and this just picked me right back up. It's sweet and funny and you just need to watch it, ok?

BOOK/S: Pride & Prejudice and The Assassin's Blade

It is a toss-up between Pride and Prejudice, and The Assassin's Blade. I had to re-read Pride and Prejudice for uni, and I adored it more than normal. Like, I'm a hardcore Jane Austen fan on a good day, but this reading of it was just the bomb dot com. I laughed, I squealed, I just got intensely into the whole thing. Omg. Just Jane Austen, ok?

The other one I decided on was The Assassin's Blade by Sarah J Maas. You guys know how much I adore the Throne of Glass series. Well, The Assassin's Blade is a collection of five prequel novellas. It's A+. The perfect way to subdue my longing for Heir of Fire (the third book in the series. To be released in September. So close, yet so far). Fair warning though: It doesn't make your heart hurt any less. In fact, it probably makes it hurt more. So. Yea.

MUSIC: Hozier

Thank you Teen Wolf for introducing me to the genius that is Hozier. It's pretty and he's gorgeous and the song itself is gorgeous and ahhh. Thank you Teen Wolf.

MAKEUP/FASHION: Dress from TopShop

TopShop had a sale. I got excited. I bought a dress. It might be a size smaller than I normally go for, but it fits. That's the important thing here. It's so pretty. And the colour! And the style! All the love. Such pretty. Can you feel my excitement from your screens?


So. Those are my favourites for this month. How about you guys? What have you been crushing/enjoying/lusting after?

Hope you've all had a wonderful month of March and will continue to have a wonderful month of April.

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