Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A Break.

I recently have taken a break from YouTube. This wasn't a sudden decision; in fact it was almost certainly a gradual thing. I found that every time I filmed a new video, a new sort of disdain would enter my head and I'd just not be entirely proud of the end result.

So I did something that I haven't done in my three years of making videos - I took a purposeful (and necessary) break. To be honest, I'm really happy I did. I know some people might think it's stupid, but I I am really, really happy I did. Instead of the feelings of disdain or reluctance, I'm starting to feel a little more enthusiastic. I've done editing on videos that have been stored away for a rainy day. I'm playing around with different styles.

As a side effect though, this blog became a little malnourished. And I'm truly sorry about that, but I need to just take a step back from everything that is crowding my head. I know I've said this a million times, but expect more book reviews, and other things that I'm working on.

I decided that I was going to take a month off YouTube, and I'm still putting that into play. I know that it might give people reason to unsubscribe, or that you don't really care, but right now the thing I need is distance. I am coming back; just not right away.

Meanwhile, I'm going to continue distancing myself a little, I will find some way to release the pent up creative energy, and proceed to watch bad movies that shouldn't make me cry but for some reason, do (I'm looking at you Cyberbully).

So keep the 20th of August free and expect a video.

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