Saturday, 9 February 2013

Playlist: Travel.

This is a new thing I've thought up, especially for the blog, where I put playlists up of things I'm listening to a lot at the moment, or in certain situations (like this first one for instance), etc. I thought, seeing how travel orientated this blog is right now, why not show you guys the songs I was listening to a lot while travelling overseas. Ok? Ok! Let's get started!
Note: A lot of the songs probably have very little to do with travelling (like lyrics-wise and everything). I mean, that seems pretty straight forward, but just in case.

(sorry about no Ed Sheeran album cover. apparently Picasa doesn't like it)

Lordy May // Boy & Bear
Lazarus // The Collection
Give Me Love // Ed Sheeran
Mad Dogs & Englishmen // The Easy Virtue Orchestra
Light Surrounding You // Evermore
Drumming Song // Florence + the Machine
Some Nights // Fun.
On Top of the World // Imagine Dragons
Ships in the Night // Katie Costello
Cityscapes // Katie Costello
Mr Brightside // The Killers
Hermit the Frog // Marina and the Diamonds
Teen Idle // Marina and the Diamonds
El Tango De Roxanne // Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Not with Haste // Mumford & Sons
Below My Feet // Mumford & Sons
Let Her Go // Passenger
The Wrong Direction // Passenger
Take a Walk // Passion Pit
Oh Marcello // Regina Spektor
All the Rowboats // Regina Spektor

(click the forward slashes if you want to listen to the song)

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