Friday, 26 August 2011


I'd like to formally introduce you to sixteen-year old Jocie. Jocie, meet the readers of the blog. *fifteen-year old Jocie poofs away*.

So, yea. I'm sixteen now. That's cool. I don't feel much older. Perhaps a tiny bit more tired, but nothing too unrealistic. No, I haven't got my Learner's yet. Now that I can finally get my Learner's, I'm a teensy bit reluctant to actually get it. I just don't understand why I should if I'm going to follow my five year plan. If I get into the uni course of my choice, I'll be moving and living in a college (a college is a Australian equivalent of residence halls). I'll be in a city, so I won't have much use for a car. Then I'll be off to England. Specifically, London. So, really where's the point?

Anywho, I had a lovely day. I got a few presents, and they were lovely. My favourite was probably the tea strainer that was a yellow submarine. Best. Thing. Ever. Then, later this afternoon, some of my YouTube friends posted a happy birthday video for me:

Even though it was a day late, it was lovely. It simply made my day.

On another note, throughout the whole day, my phone kept going off in class. It wasn't good, but the messages left were hilarious. My dad sang happy birthday to me, a la Marilyn Monroe style. Disturbing, but hilarious. Then, later that night, the family and I went to dinner at a Tepanyaki place. It was very, very yummy. We then went home and ate cake. The mother actually got entirely too excited about the birthday candles (sparkles shaped as 1, and 6), and the brother decided he wanted to try and blow out the aforementioned sparklers. Oh, my family. Here's a picture for your eyes to see:
The 1 sparkler had already blown out by the time this photo was taken.
So, um. Yea. No point to this blog really, except to inform you of my new sixteen-ing-ness. Oh, yea, is everybody in Pottermore now? All of the friends have, and then there's me, wailing after watching a Castle episode. *if you can't tell, my email hasn't come yet*

CURRENTLY READING: Devils Kiss by Sarwat Chadda
QOTD: "  *hears crashing noise* Nothing bad happened! I swear, nothing bad happened!" -The brother, Nic

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