Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Iron King (Iron Fey Series) by Julie Kagawa.

I'm afraid that this review isn't going to be at all good, so right now in advance, I want to apologise. I've begun reading other series' (what's the plural of series, question of the day for you readers out there) and so my memory isn't as brilliant as if could've been had I done it earlier (though that wasn't nearly possible due to my working most days). Ok, here we go:

I really did enjoy this series (or what of it that I've read thus far). It was magical in every sense and I just fell in love with it. The plot is in first person from the perspective of the main protagonist, Meghan Chase. Ultimately, it is a love story of sorts, but to be honest I got lost in the world that was Faeryland (or Never Never). Meghan Chase is sixteen and she finds out that her father is a faerie. Not any faerie, however, but Oberon, King of the Summer fey. There is a big quest in which in order for Meghan to find her brother and take him back to the mortal world, so that the changeling can disappear. Oh wow, the memory really is foggy, I'M SO SORRY.

So, characters. To be honest, I found Meghan a little annoying in The Iron King, but Kagawa really steps it up in The Iron Daughter, so all is forgiven. I love both Puck and Ash and it's really hard to choose whom I prefer more. Personally, I'm think perhaps the looks of Ash with the humour of Puck. The Never Never/ Faeryland is really quite reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. When I mean really reminiscent, I mean VERY reminiscent. So much so that they even have a Cheshire Cat of sorts (except he goes by the name Grimulken).

Overall, I found this series really enjoyable and enchanting. I can not wait for the final book in the trilogy (The Iron Queen) to come out next year.  :)

See, this was a really bad review. I'm sorry. Next time, it'll be better. PROMISE.
Continue being lovely,
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