Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Haul | ASOS

Ok, so I know I'm trying to avoid buying things, but ASOS had a sale. I got click-happy. Long story short, I bought some things. Not a lot. But you know. Things. Also, let's ignore my face. It's a butt. I didn't know what expression to do.

 I only bought four things. All were on sale, of course (*raise your hand if you're a poor uni student*). So, here we go! If you're interested in any, I'll link them if I can find them.

Brat & Susie Pug Christmas Shirt / link
(I couldn't find the t-shirt, but I got the jumper, so it's a sort of win?) 
Yes, I know. It's not Christmas anymore. God, get with the times, Jocie. This was like a good deal cheap and also, it's never too late to start getting excited for Christmas. AmIright? I mean, I'm pretty keen for Easter because *chocolate* but yea. *Christmas Feelings Intensify*

ASOS High Waist Culotte Shorts / link
Yes, my friends. These are pants. I know. My life was made too. I'm fondly calling them my 'Lydia Martin pants' because they make me feel like Lydia from Teen Wolf. So. Yes. So freaking comfortable though. 

ASOS Skater Dress with Pintucks / link
I have a lot of dresses. Probably too many. This was half-price though, and it looked really flattering on the model. Not the best angle, but it does look lovely in real life.

ASOS Swing Cami / link
Let's ignore the deep face, yes? Again, this looks a lot nicer in real life. It's just me and my awkward posing that make it bad. 


So that's my haul. Not a whole lot to sing home about, but I'm happy with the purchases. All lovely. Nothing damaged. Much good.

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  1. I love the little Christmas pug t-shirt. You have such a nice style. Feminine, but not overly in your face girly pink everywhere and sparkles!