Sunday, 7 July 2013

Things I'm Digging | June 2013


(no but seriously, look at the lush. how can you not love that?)

I was going to put The West Wing but then I watched Twisted, so sorry I'm not sorry. Twisted is a new series and it's about this dude (Danny Desai played by a man with lush hair, Avan Jogia) who has come back to his home town after spending five years in juvie, after allegedly killing his aunt. However, the night he is back, a girl is murdered and everyone is pointing fingers at him. He's out to prove he didn't do it. It's good stuff guys. If you don't watch it for the hair, watch it for the interesting storyline. The only thing I'm scared of is a possible love triangle. I will be thoroughly disappointed if that ends up happening. 


The Great Gatsby. I've only been slightly obsessed since watching it late last month and then watching it again recently. There's excess and frivolity and Carey Mulligan and seriously, what isn't there to love? I know Baz Luhrmann is one of those directors who you can love or hate, but I think he did a marvellous job on this adaptation.


This soundtrack is easily one of the best things ever, especially the piano score music. It's just all sorts of amazing and great. One of the things that really made the movie one of my favourites was the music. I found that it played such an important role in conveying how the characters felt and I'm so chuffed that I finally bought the soundtrack.


This was a sort of hard decision because most of the books I read this month were actually really enjoyable. However, I think You Against Me is something special. Now I know what you're thinking, 'omg the cover and the title - it just looks like it's all about sex,' and you're right, it is about sex but let's be grown-ups because it isn't about sex in the way you think it is. It's about Mikey - a boy whose sister has been raped, and whose world is starting to tumble out of control. It's about Ellie - a girl whose brother has been accused of rape, and she doesn't know what to think. It's about the time when the two of them meet, and what happens next.


An infinity scarf from Cotton On that's simply marvellous and warm and all sorts of lovely. Five out of five. A+. Would definitely recommend.

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