Monday, 1 July 2013

Playlist | Boppy Songs

Yes, bopping is a thing. Don't lie to me - you all do it.

These Barren Years // Admiral Fallow
Part Time Believer // Boy & Bear
Short Skirt, Long Jacket // Cake
Really Don't Care // Demi Lovato
Car Wash // Andy Caine
Mad Dogs & Englishmen // The Easy Virtue Orchestra
Every Time You Go // Ellie Goulding
No Light, No Light // Florence + the Machine
All This & Heaven Too // Florence + the Machine
The Drumming Song // Florence + the Machine
Some Nights // fun.
How You Love Me Now // Hey Monday
Scattered Diamonds // Hungry Kids of Hungary
Mr Brightside // The Killers (warning: this will probably be on all the lists ever)
Are You Satisfied? // Marina & the Diamonds
Bubblegum Bitch // Marina & the Diamonds
Take a Walk // Passion Pit

(I feel like I need to mention that this doesn't include recent purchases I've made i.e. Vampire Weekend and Great Gatsby Jazz Recordings and yea. Let's just say it would be too long if I added in recent purchases)


  1. I already know and love most of these songs, but I didn't know the first three so I checked them out and golly! I was really down today and the songs were amazing. I especially love Admiral Fellow - "These Barren Years", great first song for a playlist, and the video for Short Skirt/Long Jacket was really fun.
    Thanks for this! :)

    1. (Sorry for how late this reply is. Ehhh, I'm so terrible).

      I'm so glad you liked the playlist! Boppy songs are the best, aren't they? They are just the greatest mood changer ever :)