Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Movie Romance

So I was in bed last night thinking about Klaus and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries, because honestly I'm just getting very little satisfaction over their romance (just kiss already!), when something ticked in my brain and I was all like 'romance.'

Now, I know you may lay blame to my being seventeen years old and perhaps a little hormonal and naive with *real life*, but it just made me think that everyone should want a movie romance. That sounds really stupid but just give me a few minutes to explain.

I'm not saying that I want a really predictable and obvious happily ever after. What I'm saying is that I want a relationship that's like in the movies. One that has its ups and downs, but ultimately pulls through. Perhaps, I'm just a little romantic but I feel like people do not stay together these days, and that makes me really sad.

And I don't think I'm alone in this - I think everyone secretly wants that movie or novel romance and I think people might feel a little ashamed because 'oh, what a cliche thing to want in life.' But I disagree. I think wanting a love that's passionate and fun and spontaneous and free is something everybody should want. Maybe need is the better word. The simple reason being that someone will always be there.

Humans don't like being alone. Sure, the introverts in the world (myself included) like their alone time, but being truly alone, without anyone to talk to is not on a list of priorities for most people.

And that's what these movies depict - a romance that will stay together, pull through, be together no matter what. It's depicting the ultimate form of security for people who feel alone in some way.

Sure, the movies may be a little cheesy, but don't we all need that little bit of cheese in our life?


(and yes, before you ask, this literally came from my thinking about Klaus and Caroline on the Vampire Diaries. I cannot help it that my mind wanders when I'm in that sleeping-but-not-really-sleeping time. It just does. And it disrupts my sleeping quite often. To say it's frustrating is not the end of it.)
EDIT: I wrote this before Klaroline actually kissed and then they did kiss (sort-of) in the finale so it seems a little redundant but I'm not going to change words because no.


  1. I like that you included not only desiring the ups of a movie/novel romance, but also the downs. Because without those, it's a little unrealistic. While I'm not a fan of stealing boys away from their girlfriends, I'd like a romance like that of Anna and Etienne St. Clair's from AatFK. I love that they started out as friends and their relationship grew into something more romantic.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that day dreams about this sort of stuff. :)

    1. Yea, I just don't get it when people are like 'I want a love like [insert whatever here].' I mean, I'm largely an idealist but I do know how relationships work and there is going to be disagreements. But yes, I definitely agree with you on Anna & Etienne. They are all sorts of adorable.

      And trust me, I day dream all the time about this. It's probably due to a really bad combination of watching/reading way too many romance things and that I'm forever alone :P